independent projects


Pretty Lily

This was an independent project were I focused on creating a piece that merged type and something organic. The outcome was a graphic that features a photograph of a lily and a newly structure type shape. Playing with interwoven layers and subtlety contrasting colour palettes was not only a fun exercise but a rewarding one.



“Darling” was created while I was on a two week obsession with black and white vintage photography. I took a modernized approach to cubism and incorporated a vintage photo I had found. It was three days of maneuvering and structuring, exasperating OCD and a hard reminder that “It doesn’t have to be perfect, it just has to be…” before I finally chose this outcome.



Being half Brazilian but living in Canada, I grew up being constantly curious about my family history and the culture that I partially hailed from.

This piece is inspired by the rich history of Brazils dance culture. The flamboyant, beautiful and utterly captivating dances that were born from this culture are enthralling. And so i tried to capture some of what I see when I look back into the history of it.

This piece was in Oil Pastel